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Facility Management & Procurement

Qreeb is a complex enterprise platform (B2B2C) that serves as a digital facility management and procurement platform - integrating several stakeholders like corporates, vendors, facility managers and 3PL (backed by long term enterprise recurring volume).

Clinic Marketplace

Tabib Group is a user friendly digital marketplace that promotes offers and packages to customers for various health and wellness services (laser, skin, dental, SPA and others) with an appointment booking feature and dedicated 24/7 customer service.


Linkers enables offline stores to make better data driven decisions by collecting, sorting and analyzing data through IoT sensors that transmits this data to the cloud - clients have a dashboard linked to the cloud solution to look at customer insights (traffic, turn-in rate) and operational metrics like electricity consumption, temperature or waste monitoring. Triggers generated and insights from Linkers have enabled businesses to streamline operations and lower costs with data driven decisions.

Financial Service Marketplace

The Scalable CFO has aggregated access to top outsourced finance talent through their tech platform based on international financial standards. The platform allows customers to get matched to the right talent based on skills, project at hand and culture, in addition to offering tools to track, monitor and collaborate on the project board.

HR Tech

Ns3a is a localized recruitment platform powered by artificial intelligence matching career seekers with career providers based on an integrated personality assessment and other matching algorithms. The algorithms developed factors personality traits, psychometric assessments, vacancy requirements and skill matching to enable successful matches for full-time, part time, project basis, teleworking, and internship.

Media Podcast

Mohtwize is a unique media podcast company that provides end-to-end services to individuals and corporates to produce audible and written content in the Arabic language. The process entails research, content writing, editing, production and hosting on multiple audible sources like podcast, soundcloud and google play.

Certificate Management

Shahadh enables educational institutes and corporates to manage multiple locations, issue and archive customized digital certificates for their attendees and employees. Shahdah enables companies to cut down on operational resources and costs while solving their archiving issues through digital means.